Wednesday, June 22

4th ODI

> So ok, they did not manage 400. Not even, 398. Strauss seemd to be tiring, and eventually missed out on carrying his bat by just the one ball. A good couple of overs at the end ensured the Bangladesh would not have an ignominous entry in the record books. As it is, conceding the second largest total ever in ODIs is embarassing enough.

> 350??? Ya right. 30 balls to go. 338. they are thinking of all kinds of records here.
(think of the time KP would have had here!)

>Mortaza is back into the attack with 8 overs to go. What a hopeless task he has in front of him. Will Collingwood get a hundred? Will they cross 350? How much down to earth can you be thrown back in a few hours?

> Trescothick and Strauss launched into the Bangladeshi medium pacers like they were waiting for this warm up match. Because that is what it is looking like. Despite Saturday, Ithink we have seen the last Bangladeshi victory for the summer. One can only hope the surge of beating Australia makes them perform well in whatsleft of their tour.

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