Tuesday, June 14

Read on, gnat

Will you be able to reach the end of this sentence and still actually care what it is that the sentence is trying to say?
Unlikely, if you're from this generation-because you probably have the "attention span of a gnat". Thus opines Martin Johnson while writing about slow death from the frenzy of modern cricket.

Like this on Twenty-20:

It's a bit like cutting straight to the Duckworth-Lewis revised target, but without having to huddle under an umbrella, or watch the motorised whale doing its stuff on the outfield
Or this about changing spectator attitudes:
There was a county match at Old Trafford in the Sixties, with Harry Pilling of Lancashire studiously blocking away on eight not out, when a purple-faced occupant of the members' enclosure threw down his newspaper and shouted: "Bloody hell, Pilling. You're still eight not out in the Manchester Evening News!" Nowadays, if no one's hit a six before 10 past 11, you're more likely to hear a cry of "'ave a go, yer mug!"
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