Thursday, June 16

Oh my- an update

update: Oh well, the Australians do lose tour matches. They lost in 2001 to Middlesex and in 1997 to Worcester.

Should we temper down the chatter, then? Umm, am not sure- they have still been beaten spectacularly in both matches, and it is this manner of loss that is making us raise questions. First, the batsmen were crushed, and while they are probably satisfied from yesterday,:

There was a worrying sloppiness about the Australians in the field. There were also a shaming number of misfields, culminating in costly slips by Glenn McGrath and Simon Katich on an outfield left greasy by rain.

Thus reported The Telegraph, one of the main reasons for Ponting's anger and embarassment. Meanwhile, though I don't believe this loss is completely inconsequential, the Stumpcam wants all these pointless matches to get out of the way. That's right- bring on the real stuff now! Meanwhile, Warne has his own kind of preparation going on.

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