Thursday, June 16


So Ranbir Mahendra is concerned about Saurav Ganguly's form? And, um, why shouldn't he be? Its not like he has things like professionalism in the BCCI, television rights or accountability to worry about.

What is really scary, though, is Adam Gilchrist at the crease, if you were to go with the
opinion of 26 international bowlers.


Anonymous said...

It's a real pity to see God on no. 6!
But going on current form, I don't think anyone would want to bowl to Lara. He's just awesome...even during the Tsunami relief match. At this rate, he will cross 40 test centuries.
- Niel

avinash said...

Lara has had these sorts of spectacular runs, literally, before. It has been one of his trademarks, in fact. Sudden bursts of prolific run-making that intersperse more mortal performances. Anyone remember the series he had against SL?

akr said...

That was mind numbing stuff- so often, surrounded by defeat and collapses, he manages to outshine everything around him. A series with Lara specials, however it goes, will always make you remember it for him.
But I think a bowler will also have a feeling he can get Lara out....y'know? The feeling of impregnability is less with him than, say, srt...

lets see what messr flintoff & pietersen can do.