Thursday, June 16


Talking of Mike Marqusee, he has a blog. An insightful article there that was recently published in Wisden Asia Cricket (which I miss severely) about his experience watching the deciding test match between India and Pakistan in Bangalore, with thoughts like these:

The economic deregulation of the last 15 years has fostered a cult of success – a non-stop media-promoted celebration of winners. And what many Indians now seem to want from cricket is principally a steady supply of winners, and above all a winning national team. Of course, all fans want their team to win, but dedicated sports fans retain their interest in the game, and their affection for the players, even in defeat.
and also one on Mohali
In England, banners, flags, placards, drums, whistles and klaxons are all banned from Test grounds. Here in India, they’ re essential cricket-watching accoutrements, and they help endow a day at the Test with a wonderfully festive vibrancy. The din is incessant, and prolonged and repeated exposure to an Indian cricket crowd could result in a severe case of tintinitis (the vibrating eardrum syndrome suffered by veteran rock musicians).
Thanks for the pointer, scott.

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Anonymous said...

He's a real curiousity, an American socialist with a passion for cricket. With that sort of background, he brings a, um, different, insight into the game. He talks a lot of rubbish but some of his ideas are thoughtful as well.

I read his book, "War minus the shooting", and although he can not stop talking politics, his thoughts on cricket are sometimes innovative.

If we can convert one American to cricket, we can convert them all.

Scott Wickstein