Sunday, June 19


>2 fours in a row, solanki is run out an they still need 39 to win. 3 wickets in hand.
If nothing else, surely spanking Australian bowlers around the park will give Pietersen a place all his own in the hearts of English fans.....

>Pietresen 43 off 43 balls.
England require 56 of 63.
Make that bloody 51 to the two toned big hitter
and 48 needed off 48
er- 44 of off to soak it all up

>34/0. 6 overs. a couple of sixes.
normal sericve resumes?

this is exciting stuff

whatever Australia make, though, England will fancy their chances...and more significantly, I doubt Australia will be fully confident of defending it.


avinash said...

amazing power hitting.
He's their answer to Symonds, the batsman.
from 43 of 43, he went to 91 of 60 odd...
Ponting has had a joyride all this while..will be interesting to see how he responds

akr said...

very very interesting, because the joyride thing is spot-on. He has not had to deal with an agreesive media, disappointed fans or lacklustre teammates- to have to prospectively (if he is not already)deal with thiese on an England tour makes it a challenge

Anonymous said...

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