Thursday, June 16

Oh my

Oh my.
This is very interesting indeed. Cricinfo refused to load up last night, and here I am now, reading how the mighty-aspiring for invincibility- nothing can hurt us- Australians have been humbled in a tour match, and how. My thoughts are tingling at the prospect that there could actually be some nerves in this team touring the old rivals. Could there? Are the Australians a little edgy coming into this tour? Am I getting as carried away as I believed some other were a couple of days ago?

I think not. My money would still be on the Aussies to retain the Ashes, but that is not the point here. The Australians do not stumble, period. They do not lose even the most insignificant of matches. And they definitely do not lose to county sides in warm up One Day matches. That too, after piling up 342 - three hundred and forty two runs. So what is happening here?
I don't think we can condemn the batsmen retiring after getting in- the idea was to make sure everyone got into some sort of knick. It could, but doesn't, smack of arrogance- after all, they did end up piling on the runs. Yet a bowling attack with McGrath, Lee and Kasprowicz could not restrict the Somerset batting lineup.

Leave aside all the analysis. This one must really be hurting. And these guys are not familiar with this kind of pain.

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