Friday, June 17

question time

From an interview of Bennet King in the Trinidad Express.

GW: Let's say in a year or two time, there hasn't been significant improvement in the way the team plays, would you consider changing jobs?
BK: What sort of question is that? (Offended by question)...

What is the answer he expected? "Yes, I will be sick of these non performing fools and I will leave them", or "I shall remain here until the end of my days, supporting the players I have grown to love as my own sons"

No, really please tell me what the heck sort of question is that to ask?


Anonymous said...

Guess he expected the former! Makes good (read controversial / spicy) reading, you see! Whatever happened to responsible media.
At this rate, we will all be reduced to shunning conventional media (newspapers, websites, mags) for blogs.
That day sure is nigh.
- Niel

akr said...

ah, true. there's sttill a lot of good stuff out there, but it is the effort of having to sift through it all that is daunting.
(and what if we did not have the internet?- ht and toi would have been it!)