Thursday, June 23

ODI priority?

R Mohan in the Deccan Chronicle is wondering why there is no humour discovered in the Aussie slip ups. For himself he only has this to offer

The better jokes actually came out of the opening of the Shane Warne portrait at Lord’s, when the news was let out of the bag that the artist may have retouched her work because the world’s leading Test wicket-taker was thought to have been portrayed too big Down Under.
...though he does ask a (strangely unconvinced) question about Warney:

I find this quite extraordinary that the world’s best bowler is not turning out for Australia in one-day cricket merely because he thinks he can stretch his multi-million dollar career by sticking to the Test arena, in which he is only 17 wickets away from a magical 600.Quite apart from the huge variety and options that he represents to a captain in the middle overs, his sheer attitude is something the Aussies could do with as they try to pick up the gauntlets after spending some time on the floor, punched by the world’s lowest rated one-day team.
Well, I am not debating (though we could) whether Warne will be an asset to the team or not. But what is "extraordinary" about him leaving the ODI arena? I think it is perfectly understandable, it is his choice, and there needn't be any questioning of the motives.

I am happy Lara, for one, is taking time off from tri-series next month. Seeing how his Test form is, can you blame him?

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