Tuesday, June 21

Can they handle victory?

John Buchanan after the famous weekend:

...we are now in new territory and, I say this tongue in cheek, England are in new territory, too. It will be interesting to see how they deal with that."
Its good to see he is looking to maintain the Aussie style of throwing everything back onto the Englishmen. I cannot wait for Thursday's match.
And, by the way, I think they can surely deal with victories. Whether they are allowed to keep winning, is quite another thing...but this England team looks nothing near wimpish.


Barro said...

will be interesting, alot of these new breed of poms don't know too much about losing... still I'm looking forward to the Aussies putting some real pressure on them, if they're allowed...
Role on the Ashes and Warney

akr said...

right now is one story. The Ashes will be quite another. Despite fresh blood the likes of Flintoff, Bell, (Pietersen?), Strauss, Harmison...once Warne (and Langer and the Test Katich) come in, it will be quite another story.

But the good part is, it promises to be one heck of a tale!