Tuesday, June 21


It is time for some lists. Collingwood's catch has prompted a list of memorable catches. I can never forget Adam Bacher sending Sachin back when he was on a scintillating 169- that hurt. Yuvraj pulled of a ripper against Bangladesh last December, and Vasbert Drakes was pretty unbelievable against Canada in the WC 2003. Rhodes took enough stunners to be confused as to which one you are recalling.

Then there are a couple of lists of upsets here and here . Saturday's is the biggest for me (it is likeJordan-Karthikeyan winning in a face-off race with a Schumacher-Ferrari, which is what the farce last night almost was, by the way- the race, not the win), and Windies losing to Kenya in '96 is probably my first memory of a genuine upset.

And oh, Christopher Martin Jenkins is still reserved and calm about England's famous win, while calling it "the most embarrassing week of their [Australia's] cricket history", his advice is:

Hyperbole must be firmly resisted despite all Australia’s largely self-inflicted wounds and for all the excellence of England’s unified team performance. This was...a much-improved performance by Australia, especially in the field, where they have been so unusually fallible after their two months’ rest from cricket.
...and believing McGrath's bowling "superb" and Watson's "with a cool head" (um, remember his scrap with KP?). Unbelievably though, his unhyperbolic wariness still allows for this statement :
...if Harmison bowls as fast and rhythmically as he did yesterday, England will win the Ashes.
Oh well- the emphasis is mine- and why not. Read it here.

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