Friday, October 15

Coaches and controversies

They spoke of Moody, Marsh and Waugh today. Yes, Steve Waugh. All as possible replacements for Eric Simmons, the South African coach. Well, it is Ray Jennings, the A team coach who has taken over. At least till next May, or till some controversy hits the team. I cannot imagine Stephen Waugh coaching any team besides Australia, and defnitely not the South Africans!

Pakistan overhauled Sri Lanka's 293 last night. It looked pretty tight when Ten Sports stopped transmitting on my cable, with 79 required off 59. Sri Lanka's winning streak suddenly does not seem so recent. Surely Pak are the favs to win the final on Saturday.

Talking of Streaks, The Zimbabwe crisis is really hard to figure out. The enquiry itself was mired in controversy, and it looks like Taibu and his men are going to be the Zim team after all. I can't explain it, its
best read here.

So many cricket administrations are in some controversy or the other, in varying degrees. I can't bring myself to start on the Indian scene again. The South Africans are facing charges of bias. The Zimbabweans are rather hopeless. The English are sorta recovering from the long running brouhaha over the Zim tour. The Windies have Logie grumbling, and are searching for a new (surely foreign) coach. There whispers on Bracewell's power in NZ, and SL have a selector claiming the team management is selfish. Shockingly, all is quiet on the Pakistan front...!

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