Thursday, October 14

T2 D1

16:00, IST
What a turnaround. 111 for none at lunch and everyone though, “Here we go again”. Now it is 235 and Yuvraj is going to walk out to open for the first time.
I don’t think this Test is going to go the distance. And its not going to be easy for us to bat either.
But right now enjoy Kumble’s 7 wicket haul, and getting their last 10 wickets for 99….!

So Yuvi got out before play ended, but managed to face the quicks without giving them his wicket. Did not see how he actually got out, but it has been a good day overall. Who would have thought, at lunch time. We were staring at a 400plus total yet again. But Bhajji and Kumble bowled tirelessly. Not only that, I think they were pretty accurate. Both of them erred at different times in the first test but here they both were insistent today. Good stuff. I thought it may have been better to send Kumble instead of Pathan, but I hope he hangs on for a while tomorrow.
I guess Clark dropping Yuvi has not turned out to be expensive in terms of runs but it would have put us under tremendous pressure, with Dravid coming in early yet again. I thought when Yuvi dropped Katich (team total 192), we would pay dearly, but thank heavens that did not happen.

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