Tuesday, October 5

You're great, ol' chap, but...

An interesting anecdote that seemed funnier at the time (scotch does that to you sometimes).

In an Indo-Pak cricket match quite a few years ago, Prabhakar managed to get Imran out. In characteristic style, he pumped his fist in the air, pointedly so at the great man as he walked off.
Later, they met in the evening- at a dinner, I think. Prabahakar smiled ruefully and apologised to the highly respected Imran for the gesture, which could easily have been construed as rude. Imran, hardly offended, thought it was a sign of Prabhakar's great spirit. He smilingly told him that it did not matter at all and that, "Tu sher hai....par tu galat side ke liye khelta hai."
(You're a lion on the field, but you play for the wrong team)

I was told this as well, night before last...by a Pakistani who said I was a great guy....but damn, I was on the wrong team!

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