Monday, October 18

T2 D5

09:30, IST
I don’t believe this.

All but officially called off.
The rest of a (mundane) life now comes sort of into focus.

This has been such an anti-climatic day. All my energies have subdued and withered, in the wake of such acute disappointment. It may have been worse had we lost, but I am sure ina different way. The cricket crackpot in me wanted today to happen so badly. I could not wait for the end to this intense Test match. Alas, it was not to be.

As Srikkanth inimitably yet unquotably said early this morning,
“Itz the north east monsoons, I tell you. The north east monsoons are not going to go away. In Chennai, the north east monsoons are known for this time. It is uhrly Octhober, the north east monsoons…”
Yes, got the idea, thankyou.

I wonder what the team for the rest of the series is going to be like.
I can check now.

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