Tuesday, October 26

Nagpur Day 1

At the end of the day,
- Zaheer bowled real well. He seemed to be hitting the straps and getting his rhythm more than at anypoint in this series. Was a tad luckless throughout, especially with what I thought was a very close LBW call against Clarke. The, of course, the chance behind the stumps.
- Karthik redeemed himself eminently after a lazy start. Ending up as the most economical bowler, and highest wicket taker should give him the confidence he seems so often to lack.
- Patel was not good behind the stumps (what's new), and he even effected a good stumping. But he wasn't disastrous.
Then he went and dropped a sitter and Clarke survived.
- Clarke's innings was again mature and intelligent, but he was lucky to escape what looked like a great LBW shout (both live and in replays) early in his innings.
- Martyn is in great form. Thats back to back centuries twice now. In Sri Lanka and then here. 7 of his 9 Test tons are overseas. Happy tourist.

- Lehmann attacked scratchily (like through this series) to begin with but then settled down and dominated the bowling with Martyn. His hamstring injury may not let him bat in the second essay, they speculate. SRT dropped him off his own bowling, and I think it was the excitement of the catch more than its difficulty that made him miss it.

- "Slats...you never called" screamed a Fanatics banner. They were referring to Slater never having gotten back to them about a batting session he was to have with them in Goa. But Slats was too busy chilling out and flirting with young girls who did not know who he was. Oh well, as long as he was having a (harmless) good time. The poor fanatics, though.

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Anonymous said...

In the forced (crashed) absence of cricinfo, may I suggest lunch- and tea-time posts as well, Shakes? :-) Along with Peter Roebuck and Wisden, this is rapidly becoming compulsory reading …

Read an interesting comment earlier about terrible Dour-darshan telecasts. Why blame DD? The state of the media in general seems to be in frigtening decline, going by the state of the Times of India (yes) website. It reads more like a cheap London tabloid than a sensible mainstream newspaper, what with the pathetic quality of writing, and worse, the terrible rumour mongering gossiping (seems a travesty to call it reporting). Would strongly recommend Indian Express instead, even if they do have people like Mani Shankar Aiyar writing columns for them.

Lets see what SRT and RD can do now. Looks (sounds) like play just commenced.