Friday, October 8

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18:06, IST
Staring at the proverbial barrel(s). It is a double bore shotgun, you see. And no, Kolkata 2001 cannot happen everytime.
Interesting chat between Deano and Atherton about final XI selection structures. They spoke of their respective countries, and there are different takes on it in different places.
In India, the selectors, consulting coach and captain, select the squad. The playing XI, in home series, is finally decided by the selectors, but in away tours the on team management (captain coach etc) decide.
The West Indies have just decided to give much more clout to the coach (not yet appointed, but srely a foreign one), who will have the casting vote in selection matters, and so obviouslty will have the last say in the final eleven too.
In England, the captain is part of the selection process (with a vote, I think) and he, with the coach decides the playing eleven at any given time.

For the Australians, Deano tells us, the three member selectin committee is all powerful. Even when it comes to the composition of the playing eleven, the coach has no say, the captain is 'consulted', and the three stooges take the final call- even when it is an away tour. Which means that though they are not present at the field of play, the selectors are presumed to perceive the tour goings-on well enough to choose who will play. Border replaces Chairman trevor Hohns in India is what I think they were saying, but the question Athers asked was whether all 3 members manage to see the play here, sitting back there?
"Of course" Dean Jones said. "We have Fox Sports back home."
Sounds dodgy to me.

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