Friday, October 8

T1 D3

246 all out. Another insurmountable taslk lies ahead. Miracles cannot be anticipated. If they happen, then they are (unexpected) miracles.
Dean Jones was wondering why a big match (i.e a test v Australia) was being played at a venue like Nagpur, and not a big venue like Eden Gardens. Easy there, Professor Jones. There are other ‘big’ matches too, like the one off ODI against Pakistan on Nov 14 and a test match against South Africa, to be held at Eden Gardens. Don’t presume the eminence of the Australian team, things work differently down here.
Oh well, the Australian IInd innings is underway.

11:45 IST
Almost the best session we could have asked for. Almost, except for the tiny matter of Pathan’s dismissal. Unfortunate, unlucky, and plain incorrect. It all evens out in the end, I guess, but I can’t see Kumble fighting the way Pathan was. There was a time you could have expected it, but Kumble’s (average) batting has been on the wane in recent years. It was surprising, heartening and sad to see the way we have batted till now. Surprising that numbers 6 & 7 made it look so easy. Heartening that they applied themselves in such a focussed manner, and sad that the top six could not have done a bit of this.

And no, I don’t think Warne’s ball to Laxman was in the same league as the ball to gatting, once to Kallis, or even Upul Chandana’s in the recent Asia Cup. It was a good ball no doubt, but Laxman played inside it too much.

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