Thursday, October 7

T1 D2

Oh well. What do I say when we have finished at 150/6 chasing 474. I did not see a ball after 49/2, and heard it was 80 odd for 2 so I assume there was some mindless batting. Though the ball to laxman, I just read, has been compared to the best of Warne, while Ganguly also got out to a ripper, it seems. Dravid's gate was open a wee bit too much but that was quite a ball. I saw it, so I know.
Slater explained to us what a poster in the stands meant. he told us about pills that he always travels with, esp to India. And the banner said, "Mum send some Imodium". Another one said was titled Warne, and said, "Wicket /Bean count: 528 / 5295728254650."

14:00, IST
Its nerve racking to watch Sehwag bat.
It is heart-rending to watch Rahul Dravid get out. He is genuinely the backbone of the Indian batting, and my heart well and truly sank when he was bowled. There was doubt, maybe, on Chopra’s dismissal but that’s the way it is, and it was an atrocious leave, especially on an Indian pitch.
Earlier, Clarke played like it was his 50th test, the Indians looked low on energy, DD Sports went into ad breaks mid way through commentary time and again, and I watched the match slip away. Charu Sharma harped on Clarke’s parents’ emotions, and insisted on asking Atul Wassan again and again how his parents were wehen he made an achievement. He did not do anything special in the Indian team dude, why are you embarrassing him.

34/2 at tea. Where does this go from here. We cannot expect another revival from the Indian batsmen a la Calcutta and Adelaide, but we can hope anyhow.

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