Wednesday, October 13

T2 is upon us

My complaints with the Indian media are echoed, in some measure, by Dileep Premachandran at wisden in what he calls "Mental Disintegration from Within".
I do believe, though, that it is perfectly ok for us to go a little over the top covering the visiting Australians. Just because they choose not to cover us in the same way, does not make it the only desirable option. We are pretty crazy about cricket, and an Australian tour is especially noteworthy. And the fact that Gilchrist's slum visit in Chennai may be echoing Waugh's big heart, doesn't mean it is not commendable in its own right.

Lehmann's remarks about Clarke are a little suprising. While he is being generous in his proposition, it does seem odd that he would suggest his own exclusion, to make it easier for the selectors to drop him...

It is the eve of the first test, and I still haven't read too much about how the pitch will play. It is suprising, as is
pondered here.

At any rate, even the team seems to be waiting to see what the pitch looks like tomorrow morning. Surely there must be some indication of what it is like? I did not catch any of the TV reports so I dont know if they gave us a glimpse.
Wright has ruled out 3 spinners but Ganguly has not. He has confirmed though that Zaheer will keep his place if two pacers are played. He (Zaheer) better pull up his game though. Kaif seems to be all set to get a look in and Chopra's could just be facing a long term lull in his career. If they believe Yuvraj is a serious option they should give him an extended run, and if he botches it up, the Gambhirs, Jadhavs and even Jaffers await.

It is truly disheartening to see SRT cooling his heels on the sidelines though. He sounds particularly upset about the whole situation. Why wouldn't he be, given that the next time Australia are to come here he will be well past 35.
But what we need now more than anything else, is to win the toss tomorrow!

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