Friday, October 8


There is a new section on ESPN’s Sportcenter India called Simson’s corner featuring some (cricket expert)called Charlie Simson. After his analysis of Day 2, he went on to make a big statement. He praised Ganguly’s batting and proposed that he could well be India’s Steve Waugh. Now hang on a minute. It may not be as bizarre as it sounds, nor as true as we would like it to be. In terms of leadership I believe Ganguly’s contribution and place in Indian cricket is exceptional. He has been outstanding in moulding young skills with attitude and heart, and has given the team his backing at all times. There is a confidence and aggression he has brought to the side that was severely lacking and almost unheard of in Indian cricket. In batting skill, though, he is nowhere near Tugga the great. Steve Waugh was the man who you would choose to “bat for your life”. Notwithstanding the fighting abilities that Sauravda has recently displayed (Brisbane, Sri Lanka, England), he is not on the same plane when it comes to sheer obduracy and reliability.

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