Tuesday, October 19

Shift focus

Suddenly there are other things coming into focus, what with the intensity of Chennai fading a little. There is a world of cricket out there, albeit small, and it has continued it life while we languished in (vicarious) heat, humidity and tension.

Shoaib Malik joined the list of people reported for their suspect bowling action. It is a bit odd, given that the very sytem of bowling action reviewal, is under reviewal. It will be a neither-her-nor-there period for the all rounder, who has been performing pretty well recently. Being reported for a dodgy action must be a weighty burden to bear, though.

Even my ignorant self is in a state of some disbelief, that the ICC has found absolutely no racism or bias in the Zimbabwean cricket administration. There is concern if we see the apex body itself behaving with what is perceived by most as expediency. After waiting for months for sort of order to be brought back to the process of cricket in that coutnry, it is disheartening to see that any order now will be based on the dismissal of the reason for the controversy, and not its resolution.

Of course, England still treads warily as it embarks for the African nation, and Nasser Hussain is particularly hard in his warnings to the England captain.
"If something happens, Michael, and you lead a side out there and someone gets killed, it will tarnish English cricket and your name for a long while."
That is hardly what poor Vaughan would have been looking for on the eve of his departure. I believe it may be a tad harsh to expect him to take such a radical stand against the tour, and against a country. It is an issue mired in political machinations, and for a cricketer to make such a stand requires more than just brave morality. He is, after all, a sportsman out to ply his trade the best way he can, in the situations given to him.

I am not trying to make a case for sportsmen to be impervious to non sporting issues, but my immediate reaction would be that it is harsh to expect it of them to such an extent.

Parthiv's lease of life has yet to be panned by his critics, as far as I can tell.
"It is an enduring trait of a leader to stand by his men in thick and thin", says the TOI about SCG's faith in the young keeper. The onus truly lies on Patel now, and he must buckle down for some hard work to match the expectations of what once seemed like precocious talent.

Deano spoke of Healy early on in his career (at the time, they were roomates). The great keeper would wake at 6:30am, much earlier than required, and practice with golf balls against a wall. He would tread lightly to not disturb Dr Jones, except when he was just about to leave- he would then prod the sleeping figure and inform him he was leaving for practice.
Parthiv's youth has screwed him in this one way- he has hardly had any domestic cricket, and consequently very little match practice, especially in Indian conditions. He has either been on Test tours with the national team or ODI tours as non playing keeper. Maybe the latter was not such a great idea.

The walking thing is still doing the rounds. All those questioning its sense are starting see the light, or at least are being out-shouted by those applauding it. Here is a great dialogue attempting to resolve the issue. It apparently took place out on the pitch, in disconnected real time.

While some have questioned the wisdom in giving the Aussies such a long break to recoup for the third test, I am surprised by the extended break from all cricket they are geting from their own team mgmt. Some are off to Goa, some to Mumbai and Mr Gilchrist is off to Singapore for some R&R. For four days of the seven before Nagpur, they will be totally disconnected from the game. I understand the premise, but does such a total disconnect make sense?

I wonder where are the people calling for all the heads in the Indian team now. There has been a performance in Chennai that was creditable, yet not in any way showing the true potential of our batting lineup, but the mood in general is already upbeat. How can people who opine in the media be so easily swayed by bad performances and assuaged by slightly encouraging ones. How can they, indeed, be so fickle in pronouncing judement?

Meanwhile, the after-effects of Chennai are still being felt. While some continue their celebrations, others are turning to the Gods above, in fervent (and justified) queries on divine intervention.


Une Femme Folle said...

wow! one of those die-hards eh? :)

this may interest you : http://o3.indiatimes.com/cricket


ze rambler said...

Pathetic isin't it - the rain? Couldn't have come at a worse possible time - I still remember the match in the Windies - when we couldn't hold on to a draw - got all out on Day 5, and 10 minutes later, it started raining, and hasn't stopped since! We lost that damn series 2-1 after leading 1-0!

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