Tuesday, October 26

Here we are, T3

Nagpur, tomorrow.
Kaif looks like he will miss out.
Agarkar seems to be in, predictably.
Lee is in the 12. Hmmm.

The curator has done us the favour of shaving some of the grass off. The captain 'explained' the two teams' strengths and weaknesses to him, and he understood.
How magnanimous.

The pitch will not break. It will be a sporting track. Am sick of this term. Suddenly the VCA are the definers of 'sporting'. This from a track famous for draws.

Now Harbhajan has fever?! Come on......!
Best of luck Parthiv. You need it.

Australia looks better than I have ever seen to take the series. A draw seems likely too. India winning the series would be great, but like I just read- this may yet be an unexpected script.


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