Saturday, October 9

T1 D4

Ugh. This look like its going to be a huge loss. All I wanted was a worthy defeat.
Go ahead, make your Sunday plans, everyone.

Atrocious decision to Sehwag. That was a really big nick, but I guess if the teams were reversed we would say that it did not really matter in the big picture, as this is a lost cause. I figure he should be fined for his words to Billy but not more, am quite sure he just told him he had got an edge, nothing rude. Should have abused him in Hindi, though!
Chopra could be heading home, esp if SRT returns for Chennai.

Why does Gillespie make it a point to look as viciously ugly as he possibly can??

12:52, IST
That’s the world record score we need to chase down.
Wait and watch.
Bhajji has another five-fer, 11 for the match. And that’s good irrespective. Could have been more significant, but given we are going after 457 now, it’s a little tarnished. Yet, all but McGrath’s wicket were not gifts. It was not as if the Aussies were going hammer and tongs for the runs and threw their wickets away. They were careful, defensive and he still got six.

Adam Gilchrist has got to be one of my favourite cricketers. I absolutely love the way he bats, think he is easily the most valuable no.7 I have seen or heard of and has a great outlook and attitude to the game which he always seems to be enjoying. When he walked today (again), as soon as he had played the shot, it was great. There are hardly any players in world cricket you think would walk, and he is definitely one of them. You don’t see this happening these days. Of course, Gillespie walked soon after, though Slow Steve had already decided to give him not out. Saved him the blushes, at least.

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